WLA Network is one of the safest Networks in the world, if not the one !

WLA is more like a family that welcomes its new members and the results really show!

We are very safe, and very involved with our members, always in touch, and always, if there is a problem (although they do not usually happen), we try to help solve it.

Becoming a member of World Logistics Alliance (WLA) makes good business sense. Being a member will allow you to have global exposure ,greater market awareness and coverage without having to expand your business.

WLA as a network will leverage the dedication and commitment from its members ,as being independent freight forwarders, in ways the big multinationals will never match.

The resources, supported by our proactive network support will allow the independent freight forwarder to exceed their customer expectations while keeping the character and qualities of being an independent freight forwarder.

You will have the opportunity through our relationship building activities to get to know other freight forwarders across many cities and countries, and partnering with them in satisfying your clients or their clients’ needs.

We are about linking people, building trusting relationships and providing opportunities for your business growth. We are committed to ensuring partnering success and being the freight forwarding network of choice!

Being part of the WLA community, which has been successful for many years, means:

  • You can focus on building your client relationships and we will support you in the building of global partnerships.
  • You have access to significant knowledge and services through WLA and its members.
  • You have the potential for business growth with limited expenditure.
  • You can feel more protected when doing business with other freight forwarders.
  • You will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with people that understand your business.
  • You can be part of a network prepared to grow with you.

We are committed to facilitating a network of members that work together in a professional manner.

The WLA team is experienced when it comes to building business relationships. We are passionate about what the network community can potentially provide for its members. We will be asking you, our members, about what you want from a network and expanding on these ideas with many of our own.

We are planning annually WLA’s very successful conference for its members in early October every year. We will deliver what you expect from a networking conference, plus offer you a few differences. Many successful conferences have passed with lots of fun and bonding relationships created.

We have created a well informed and mutually beneficial freight forwarding community. We work towards ensuring that our members work together with integrity. This also means having in place a screening process of prospective members, having members sign a code of conduct, and monitoring members’ activities with each other.