WLA Cargo Projects

WLA Cargo Projects
In this Group you will find only highly qualified Cargo Project Members.

Every qualified Cargo Project Member here has a proven track record of Cargo Projects .
From Oil and Gas ,Ship spares to RoRo heavy Machinery over to Construction, Governement or Military all our qualified Members will provide an excellent, detailed organized service to meet clients demands .

WLA Cargo Projects
what Members provide from experience

Detailed step by step quotation including all necessary documents, from permits to special license of oversize cargo to customs .
Possible specialized charter air and sea .
Packaging and providing the antiquate lifting or road transport equipment.
Preparing roads or bridges or working out the route and getting license to move the cargo .
Every step detailed thought through and managed process from picking up the cargo to delivering the cargo.
All this from a highly qualified team dedicated to the project and their counterparts .
Daily reports of movement and progress till final delivery/installation .

WLA Cargo Projects member qualification

In order to become a WLA Cargo Projects member you have to meet the below criteria .
Please do show us 2 recent Cargo Project portfolios where you have a dedicated team just in charge of Cargo Projects.
Past projects you have been managing including service ,security ,financial stability or funds available ,communication ,management level of the team ,control to make sure all aspects and necessary steps are in place with plan B ready …..  and so on.

You also must be displaying that you are offering this service on your website
Some testimonials of happy clients .
(This data will only be used for evaluation and is for internal use only )