Dear WLA members

Due to the last few years experiencing a need to help and assist other companies to open branches / companies / entities  in Asia, Middle East or elsewhere including bank accounts,

we do like to offer this service to all our WLA members and their associates, partners and friends.

We do understand there are many countries still with strong restrictions in transferring money or simply trade internationally.

There are different aspects in order to choose where you would open a company or bank account, such as where you are originally from and what you want to achieve …tax free trading or simply have an offshore company for easier trading .

We will design and advise the best solution to your need and situation and let you decide ….once you made a decision, we will accompany you to the end and make sure the company and bank accounts are open and functional.

We do have very professional partners in most countries to assist and cooperate while opening an offshore company.

Regarding accounting we can also assist and advise the best solutions, in order for you to not have or experience any problems.

So please do feel free to contact us or

We have opened a number of companies and bank accounts successfully, which made business and life so much easier for our clients.

Thanks and Kind Regards the WLA Team